How Our Supplements Are Made

Step 1

Research Ingredients, Studies & Human Feedback

Thoroughly researching ingredients is the first step in creating our supplements. We delve into scientific studies and research human feedback to identify promising compounds that can positively impact health and wellness.

Step 2

Testing The Formula

Once we've formulated a hypothesis based on our research, we begin testing different ingredient combinations. This stage involves meticulous experimentation to find the most effective and synergistic blend that aligns with our supplement's intended benefits.

Step 3

Sourcing Quality Ingredients

We are committed to excellence, which is why we source only the highest quality ingredients. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each component contributes to the overall potency and safety of the supplement.

Step 4
Quality Assurance

Review Raw Ingredient Lab Tests

Before production begins, we conduct thorough lab tests on all raw ingredients. This step guarantees that our ingredients meet stringent quality standards and are free from contaminants, providing a solid foundation for the supplement's formulation.

Step 5

Creating The Supplement

With the ideal formula and top-notch ingredients in hand, our skilled team of experts meticulously crafts the supplement. Stringent procedures and precision ensure that each batch is consistent and maintains the intended potency.

Step 6
Second Quality Assurance

3rd Party Testing

To ensure impartiality and transparency, we subject our supplements to rigorous third-party testing. Independent laboratories thoroughly evaluate the product's quality, potency, and purity, confirming its adherence to our high standards.

Step 7

Review Customer Feedback & Results

We value our customers' experiences and continually seek their feedback. Monitoring and analyzing customer reviews and results helps us fine-tune our supplements, ensuring they genuinely deliver the intended benefits and meet customer expectations.

At each step of this meticulous process, our commitment to quality, science, and customer satisfaction drives us to create supplements that contribute positively to overall well-being.

Vibrant Naturals Team